Alarm System Sales Certification

Are you looking to become licensed as a Mississippi Class D Alarm System Salesperson, or a Louisiana Property Protection Sales Specialist? Elite CEU has now been approved to provide the 14 hour Alarm System Sales Certification necessary for licensing in both Mississippi and Louisiana. The Alarm System Sales Certification is designed to support the sales support team how are the front men of the security industry. This certification is use to teach a base knowledge of a variety of alarm systems. The certification is intended for those involved in the sales process and related administrative activities. The Alarm System Sales Certification main focus is to go beyond the sales process itself and to concentrate on additional sales skills, product knowledge, and best practices to analyze the client’s requirements and to meet their needs without going over their primary objective. In this module, we will provide the learner a framework that is based on proven methodologies, industry best practices, legal and regulatory requirements for most alarm systems. The learner will acquire a practical understanding of alarm system concepts and how to apply them systematically in the design process. The proctored exam will be completed with Proctor Exams, allowing your employees to complete the exam in a comfortable location without the stress of travel or scheduling conflicts.