Digital Armor: Strengthening Security Awareness

This module provides a comprehensive overview of information security, emphasizing the importance of maintaining a secure computing environment and promoting safe online practices. The training covers various topics, including computer acceptable use, work from home (WFH) security, cybercrime, phishing, and email security. Participants will learn how to identify phishing attempts and explore notable phishing campaigns from 2022, such as bank scams, OneDrive scams, Netflix scams, Apple scams, and PayPal scams.

The module also highlights the significance of securing personal and sensitive information, emphasizing the need to encrypt data and implement mobile device security measures. Participants will gain insights into password safety and best practices, as well as the risks associated with compromised email accounts. Social engineering and its impact on security are discussed, along with the threat of ransomware and its true cost. Techniques for protecting against ransomware and responding to incidents are explored, emphasizing incident response and business continuity strategies.

Additionally, the training covers social media do’s and don’ts to ensure responsible and secure usage. Participants will develop an understanding of web services such as the surface web, deep web, and dark web, along with the potential risks they pose. By completing this module, individuals will be equipped with essential knowledge and skills to enhance information security awareness and mitigate potential risks in both personal and professional settings.