FARA and Elite CEU Announces Online False Alarm Prevention Series

AUSTIN, TX — April 18, 2011 — FARA (False Alarm Reduction Association) and Elite CEU, Inc. have partnered to offer a comprehensive set of courses designed to answer questions and solve the problem of false alarms through education and awareness. The first one hour course in this series has been released and is available online at www.eliteceu.com. It’s entitled, False Alarm Reduction 101 – Causes and Impacts and it utilizes video interviews, real-world scenarios, interactive media, and quizzes to explain the importance of false alarm reduction from a public safety perspective. This course will educate all those who have a stake in the reduction of false alarms on the fundamental causes and impacts, the associated resource implications, and the importance of taking an active role in reducing false alarms. This course is an extremely valuable tool and is recommended to be part of the required training for the following :

· Security Companies – Technicians/Salespeople/Managers
· 1st Responders – Fire/Police/EMS
· End Users – Residential/Business Owners

Future modules that will be released Summer and Fall 2011:

200 Series:

201 – General Best Practices / 202 – Training / 203 – Devices / 204 – Control Panel / 205 – Monitoring / 206 – Hold Up, Duress, & Panic

300 Series:

301 – Law Enforcement Response / 302 – Fire Response / 303 – PSAP Operator’s Role / 304 Crime Prevention Operator’s Role / 305 – Security Technician’s Role / 306 – Security Salesperson’s Role / 307 – Central Station Operator’s Role / 308 – Security Owner/Manager’s Role

Elite CEU, Inc. – is a family owned national training school specializing in offering time and money saving training solutions utilizing web and CD/DVD-ROM based platforms. Elite CEU specializes in offering certification courses (i.e. Alarm Level 1 and locksmith certification), as well as State approved continuing education for the Electronic Security, Access Control, Locksmith, Low Voltage, and Fire System industries. With over a century of combined staff and instructor experience in these specific industries Elite CEU offers you educational and valuable knowledge through our e-learning platforms. Since 2004, Elite CEU has been committed to providing small and large businesses with the best comprehensive Interactive Virtual Learning possible.

FARA (False Alarm Reduction Association) – The False Alarm Reduction Association is an association primarily of persons employed by government and public safety agencies in charge of, or working in, False Alarm Reduction Units. Their goal is to assist these individuals in reducing false alarms for their jurisdiction.

This is done by facilitating the exchange of information, influencing legislation, education, and establishing relationships and partnerships with other groups interested in false alarm reduction. Established in 1997, FARA currently serves hundreds of members in the US and Canada through newsletters, conferences and educational programs.