Now added to Elite CEU courses – complimentary microlearning!

Microlearning – What is that? 

Microlearning is bite-sized learning.  Small bursts of learning on the go.  This enables better learner retention.  Its short, flexible and can help with job development and performance!

Elite CEU Microlearning Offerings:

Based on a single concept or skill – our microlearning courses offer useful content that is accurate and relevant.  These courses range from 2-4 minutes and can be easily accessed on mobile (or any) devices.  These mini learning bits exist to supplement the full course, and are meant to be more of a study-aid.  PLUS – they come along FREE with the purchase of any Soft Skills Course!

Nitty-gritty microlearning details: 

Microlearnings are NOT mandatory to receive credit for your course.  They simply are complimentary to any Soft Skills course purchase.  After you purchase and complete a Soft Skills course, 3 free microlearning courses will be emailed to you individually in the subsequent weeks.  Microlearning courses do not offer any state credit.

Currently, Elite CEU offers microlearning to accompany any Soft Skills course.  However, we will be rolling out microlearning on our technical courses within this year.

CHECK OUT this free Microlearning, without purchasing the full course!

Selling Professional Services – Communication Skills Microlearning