New Training Requirements for Montana Security Alarm Installers

Effective October 28th, 2017, the Montana Board of Private Security, proposed and adopted new training requirements for Security Alarm Installers. As per MAR Notice No. 24-182-35 “Each electronic security company that employs or intends to employ an individual as a security alarm installer must certify, as part of the individual’s license application, that the individual has successfully completed a minimum of 16 hours of training as a prerequisite to licensure, and prior to undertaking any of the duties defined as the practice of a security alarm installer.”

As well as requiring initial education, the Montana Board of Private Security, has also determined “that the completion of eight CE hours each license renewal period…is necessary to ensure ongoing competence in the field of practice and further ensure qualified licensees.”

Elite CEU can now help both Alarm Security Installers and the Electronic Security Companies that employ them. Newly hired applicants can complete the required 16 hours of initial education via our Montana Security Alarm Installer Training Certification. Specifically designed for Montana professionals looking to enter the electronic security industry, this certification can be completed online at any time of the night or day as long as you have internet access. Licensed professionals can utilize our Course Catalog to review hundreds of hours of applicable coursework to ensure compliance with the Montana Board of Private Security guidelines regarding the completion of eight CE hours every renewal period.