The Pistol Pad – “The Bridge between Firealarm, and Electronic Alarm Industry”

It is imperative in the world today that every man takes all the necessary steps to protect oneself. Protection gives a peace of mind and calmness. The Pistol Pad has become the ultimate option for people who are seeking protection along with safety. Have you ever encountered someone who has noticed that their handgun is missing or they realize it has been taken? According to law enforcement studies, 80% of firearms that are used in violent crimes are stolen out of homes and businesses. The Pistol Pad is made not only to protect yourself but also protect your personal defense weapon!

As the name suggests, the pistol pad is a pad- that allows your firearm to rest and be kept on top of. It contains a connecting loop- that slides through the trigger guard assembly and connects back to the pad- to attach the pistol back to the Pistol Pad. Now for the cool part: This pad is designed to interface with ANY alarm system – manufactured by ANY company! Meaning, you basically have a ‘panic button’ for your handgun! If the handgun is removed from your Pistol Pad, your own alarm system will communicate (i.e. SOUND OFF!) – that it has been removed from the pad. This protects your firearm, while also letting you know that it has been removed. Heaven forbid you encounter an intruder entering your home, and by picking up your weapon- IMMEDIATELY, this accomplishes 3 things:

1. You have armed yourself

2. You (or rather, your alarm) has notified the intruder that he has been detected

3. Sent a message to the corresponding law authority that there is an emergency at your address, and that a handgun has been deployed.

Owning a firearm is not only a great responsibility, but it can be a great investment as well. The best way for you to protect this new investment is by securing it from threats of theft, and other loss. Proper gun protection usually starts in the form of some ‘safe’ or other protective shell. However, all safes can be broken given enough time, and the Pistol Pad contains certain features that make this more difficult for the intruder. Having said that, you may not want your pistol- just out in the open on some protective pad- where everyone can see it. SO- the Pistol Pad has come up with 2 forms of privacy. One comes in the form of a ‘hide’ – or a protective bottomless box that fits right over the pad to disguise it, but can also be lifted off easily. This enables your firearm to be within arms reach, readily available to grab in the instant that you want or need it- while also keeping it out of sight so others won’t become uneasy at the sight of your protective weapon. To go one step further to protect your Pistol, and Pistol Pad- is the Box. This Box can be locked with a key, and also can be mounted down. If the box is opened- yup you guessed it- your alarm system gives you a little ‘pre warning’ that it has been opened- ever before your gun is touched. If you don’t want to mount the box down- you can also receive signal that the entire box has been moved- so it cannot be picked up and taken. Anchored or not, locked or not, if there is an attempt to remove the box- y our alarm will activate and let you know it!

The Pistol Pad is the important unit for those that wish to keep firearms for personal protection. It’s super easy to install, and can be kept out in the open, or creatively hidden. Custom Pads can also be created for different gun sizes and types. Developer Wayne Crook– has a lifetime of Alarm Industry experience – and created the first pistol pad in response to his own clients’ need of readily available access to his firearm. More information on the Pistol Pad can be found at: and is sold through Security General International.