We Don’t Offer Courses, We Offer Careers

Times are changing today in the United States. That is easy to see.  Over 5 million people have lost jobs in manufacturing alone since 2000 [1].  To make matters worse, these people have lost their livelihood and the chance to build their lives into something greater. The problem now is that the opportunity that you once had to use your skills no longer exists. What do you do now? A state certification might be the best way to change your life. A state certification provides separation against the competition, gives you tools to use immediately in the workforce, enables you to make more money, and is one of the best ways to insert yourself in a new workforce community. How do you earn a state certification?  Or better yet, what is the easily most convenient way to earn a state certification? E-learning is learning done via the Internet. E-learning provides the opportunity to quickly learn new skills and earn a state certification at an affordable cost in a manner that wasn’t available in the past.


Continuing Education

Acquiring a certification through E-Learning has opened doors for opportunities that didn’t exist in the past. The majority of individuals who’ve lost their jobs want to get back into the workforce immediately. It takes the average person about 71 days to find a new job. For each open position, 59 people apply, and only 12% of those people get an interview [2].  Let’s compare this to how long it take to earn a state certification at Elite CEU.  Certification courses range from 8-36 hours for completion. That means while you are searching for a job, you could earn a new certification in order to move forward with life.  This comparison leaves you in a position of choice. You can choose to in the same path you’ve always led or choose another one that leads to something different – a new certification – a new life.

E-learning gives a job seeker the opportunity to earn a certification online with a flexible schedule. Obtaining a certification online is increasing available to almost everyone. Compare E-learning to a typical classroom setting. E-learning can be an asynchronous or synchronous activity. Synchronous refers an online only, live classroom setting.  There are live discussions and lessons that take place at certain, pre-defined times. Most online universities use this method. Asynchronous E-learning is very similar, but the learning takes courses on a self-paced schedule. A state certification is more likely to be earned by asynchronous E-learning.  A state certification can be obtained by taking a course on a learning management system that trains a student through virtual, real-life scenarios and provides instant feedback. This is why earning a new certification can be done so easily with little to no stress. Virtually everyone has a computer and access to the Internet. Some cities have open internet access and your public library has computers available for free public use. State certifications through E-learning are so accessible that it is hard to pass up the opportunity to better your resume.


The Benefits

Getting a state certification through E-learning is also economically smart. The average cost of a 2-year college for in-district students is almost $7,000.  The average cost per year of a four-year college is almost $9,500 or $38,000 for a degree. Out of state tuition jumps to over $20,000 a year [3]. The average student loan debt per borrower exceeds over $30, 000 dollars. It is unbelievable to think that 68% of people who graduated from college carry this huge debt [4].  At Elite CEU, a state certification ranges from $250-$400 dollars. Each certification can then potentially lead to a raise.  The numbers are truly there.  If you need a change in your life, earning a state certification can be the best route to take.

To summarize, earning a state certification through the E-learning process can lead to new skills gained at an affordable price and at the convenience of the learner.  We are in a time of change.  The entire world is moving in a different direction. Whether you have lost your job, or are currently looking for a change in your life, a state certification can be easily obtained with the convenience of E-learning.  Take the time to act now.



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