Credit Hours: 1

Administrative Rules of the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation – Electrical

This course will give you an overview of the basic administrative rules required by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation. You will learn the basic definitions of terms and types of licenses. You will also become familiar with the basic requirements of licensure, along with the fees and responsibilities that come with it. After this course, your basic understanding of all of these items will help you through the licensing process.

This course is to be applied to an Electrical License renewal only.

In this course, the audio has been enriched with the innovative integration of Cymatrax technology, providing an enhanced auditory experience for learners.

Product Description / Course Objectives

  • Understand the occupations code and relevant terminology
  • Know the various requirements for receiving an electrician license, including important information about continuing education
  • Comprehend the responsibilities of contractors, including standards of conduct
  • Become familiar with the advisory board, fees for licensure and the responsibilities that follow
  • Understand technical requirements and sanctions

This course must be taken with both the 2020 NEC Wiring Methods and Materials and Overview of NFPA 70E Standard for electrical Safety in the Workplace, 2012 Edition classes to receive credit for a Texas Electrician renewal.

This course is to be applied to an Electrical License renewal only.


Credit hours: 1


Approved for CEU Credit in: TDLR