Credit Hours: 1

Client Relations

In Client Relations, learners will gain an understanding of the different types of customer service, the traits necessary to provide excellent customer service, and the vital role of effective communication. With the understanding that “customer service is everywhere,” all agents must work proactively to ensure a positive outcome. This course emphasizes the importance of public perception, and the authentic service that must precede that perception.

In this course, the audio has been enriched with the innovative integration of Cymatrax technology, providing an enhanced auditory experience for learners.

Product Description / Course Objectives

Participants who successfully complete this course will:

  • Define customer service and its implications
  • Identify various categories of customer service
  • Understand the component traits of effective service
  • Learn effective approaches to customer communication

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Credit Hours: 1


Approved for CEU Credit in:

Alabama, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Jersey, Tennessee QA, Texas