Credit Hours: 1

Sales Processes for Security Professionals

Sales Processes for Security Professionals provides an overview of sales processes in security organizations. To a prospect or an existing customer, a company’s salesperson is the company. This means your responsibilities reach far beyond the sale itself. In addition to sales skills and product knowledge, this course teaches the means to analyze your client’s requirement, translate it to a plan that meets their objectives, and present it in an effective way. This is an entry-level course intended for personnel involved in the sales process. No pre-requisite training or experience is required.


Product Description / Course Objectives

Participants who complete this course will:

  • Learn the skills needed to assess a prospects requirements
  • Internalize the knowledge to execute an effective sales process, beginning with the first sales appointment and continuing through final delivery
  • Understand their responsibilities as a sales person
  • Understand good sales techniques and how to apply them
  • Comprehend how ethical and legal concerns affect the sales


Credit Hours: 1


Approved for CEU Credit in:

Alabama, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Jersey, Tennessee QA, Texas