Credit Hours: 3

The Standard Key Coding System (SKCS)

This three hour course, The Standard Key Coding System (SKCS) covers the technique established as a standard in the 1960’s by the Door and Hardware Institute, this class offers a full explanation of all the different keying situations that may be covered by this simple specifying system. Starting with the various types of systems, application of the standard to keying systems with 2, 3 or 4 levels of keying with and without cross keying are covered. In addition you will learn how to specify Selective Master Keys and cross keying as well as how to draw key system schematics that your customer will understand. The hands on exercises test the ability to interpret word problems and turn them into key system schematics.

Product Description / Course Objectives

This course is designed to familiarize locksmiths with the Standard Key Coding System. It will teach how to determine the levels of keying required in a system and give the student a chance to apply what has been learned through practical exercises.


Credit Hours: 3


Approved for CEU Credit Hours in:

Alabama, Louisiana, New Jersey, North Carolina:(Locksmith), Texas