Certification Hours: 8

IP Series: for Physical Security Certification

 This Series includes 8 individual one-hour modules covering a broad range of topics related to IP. Take modules for individual C.E. Credit, or purchase all 8 and become IPPS CERTIFIED (including badge + lapel pin) !

Product Description / Course Objectives

Finally, a Convenient and Economical Way To Obtain the IP Series: for Physical Security Certification!


8 individual modules for State CE hours, or take all 8 and become IPPS Certified!

The technology of the physical security industry is rapidly changing from one of proprietary cabling and communication protocols to IP communications. It is imperative that security company personnel, both in sales and technical areas, develop and learn the details of typical local area and wide area networks, along with the Internet. This will enable them to properly sell, install, program, and service these new-technology devices, as well as introduce potential opportunities in using IP-enabled physical security devices.


This Series includes 8 individual one-hour modules covering a broad range of topics related to IP. From providing an introduction to basic networking, common types of networks, different devices that can be connected – along with proper installs, mechanics of IP addressing, Wi-Fi programming, various connections and technologies, testing methods, router functions and programming, topologies of common local networks, network hubs and switches, PoE applications, Virtual LANs, Network investigation, Port forwarding, firewall manipulation, bandwidth and quality, different types/methods for cabling and installation, among MANY more!  This certification ensures that you will set yourself above the competition. Advantage over your competitors with the competent understanding of IP technologies, all while introducing new revenue streams!


Online Certification Course Layout:

All approved courses, curriculum, & quizzing will be offered through a self-paced web based training platform.  The Certification Test (i.e. final exam) will be a one-hour final exam accessed through the Elite CEU website.

  • Each group of topics will be divided into 8 titled and clearly identified modules each 1 hour long, for a total of 8 hours.                  NOTE: Course modules will be delivered through SCORM standard LMS (Learning Management System) compliant software.
  • All online course modules are self-paced and can be logged off and on at anytime to where they left off.
  • After each module section is completed a mandatory quiz of ten questions will be given, on which learners must score of 70% or better in order to pass and receive course credit.

Final Exam:

Final Exams are taken ONLINE via Elite CEU, (same as the course study).

  • After all modules have been completed, within 1 business day the IPPS Final Exam will be assigned to your account.  You can access this exam online via Elite CEU and complete at any time.
  • Once the 40-question Final Exam is passed with a 70% or better, a Certificate of Completion will be processed and mailed directly to the student within 2 business days.



If you need multiple Certifications for a larger number of students/employees, please see our Bulk Pricing below!  This reduction is based on groupings related to the number of students being enrolled at one time. Discounts are received via our Bulk Registration or Bulk Enrollment features.

Number of Certifications Price per Certification
1 – 9 $199
10 – 30 $189
31 – 50 $179
51+ $169