Credit Hours: 1

Burglar Alarm Communications

This one-hour course Burglar Alarm Communications teaches about the ways burglar alarms monitor for activity and communicate alarm states to the proper channels. It will help increase the student’s knowledge of burglar alarm functionality as a part in a whole security system. As a result, the student will gain a better understanding of how to protect an area utilizing burglar alarm systems.

In this course, the audio has been enriched with the innovative integration of Cymatrax technology, providing an enhanced auditory experience for learners.

Product Description / Course Objectives


This course is designed for the security professional who is familiar with the basic equipment and components that go into the construction of a burglar alarm system, but needs to learn more about the technology and function behind the communications and monitoring aspects of the system.  This course will help you learn the literal transmission functions within a burglar alarm, as well as how they integrate into a whole security system.


Credit Hours: 1


Approved for CEU Credit in:

Alabama, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Montana, New Jersey, Tennessee (Qualifying Agent), Texas