Credit Hours: 1

How to Sell Today’s Wireless Security Technology

How to Sell Today’s Wireless Security Technology covers the features and advantages of contemporary wireless systems versus the previous generations of “wired” alarm systems. For the professional sales person, understanding how to convey these benefits is central to the sales process. In this course the student will learn about wireless security systems, their technical feature set and how each feature can be translated to a benefit which satisfies a customer need. This course is intended for individuals with prior sales experience who wish to improve their ability to sell wireless security systems.

Product Description / Course Objectives

In this course the student will:

  • Advance their understanding of the wireless system feature set and its consumer benefits
  • Learn to  identify consumer “pain points” and address them using specific system benefits
  • Develop strategies to distinguish the solutions offered by their company in a competitive/ commoditized marketplace
  • Acquire the tools needed to craft an effective sales presentation



Credit Hours: 1


Approved for CEU Credit in:

Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee (Qualifying Agent), Texas