Credit Hours: 1

Network Cabling Testing and Troubleshooting (IP Series Part 8)

This one-hour online training class, Network Cabling Testing and Troubleshooting (IP Series Part 8) consists of an audio and coordinated slide presentation that instructs security technicians in the methods of testing local area networks and Internet connections for bandwidth and quality. This training session also includes information on the primary types of cabling used in modem networking such as the “Category” Unshielded Twisted Pair copper cables, fiber optics, and coax cabling. The proper methods of cable handling, connector selection and installation, industry standards, and testing are also detailed.

Product Description / Course Objectives

As physical security devices are connected to local networks and the Internet, problems can and will arise from bandwidth, network problems, and cabling issues.  Technicians must know how to test for network connectivity, identify the specific type(s) of cables within a network infrastructure, the use of proper testers, and how to achieve accepted industry standards for cable and connector performance.  This course will help them know these attributes.


Credit hours: 1


Approved for CEU Credit in:

Alabama, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Montana, New Jersey, North Carolina (Alarm), Tennessee:(Qualified Agent), Texas
*Please note: this course is part of the I.P.P.S Certification Course; If you wish to become I.P.P.S. Certified please click here.  in order to obtain CE credit, this course much be purchased separately.