Credit Hours: 2

Tennessee Locksmith Laws and Rules

This two hour course Tennessee Locksmith Laws and Rules is designed to meet the requirements set forth by the Department of Commerce and Insurance Locksmith Licensing Program. For anyone seeking a locksmith license in Tennessee this course is part of your qualifying education requirements. This educational presentation will be divided into one hour sections. The first hour will discuss the laws associated with locksmiths in the State of Tennessee by the Locksmith Licensing Act of 2006. The second hour will present the rules associated with locksmiths in the State of Tennessee (chapter 0780-05-13). Full PDF versions of the laws and rules will be available to print out as reference tools.

Product Description / Course Objectives

Due to the fact that this is just a two hour course a very brief overview of each subtitle will be given.

• Purpose
• Definition
• Licensing requirements
• Exclusions
• Duties of the commissioner
• Register of application
• Liability insurance coverage
• Hearings and judicial cases
• Penalties
• Written application procedure
• Locksmith apprentices
• Prohibited locksmith services
• Authorities
• Initial implementation
• Display of license number

• Purpose
• Definitions
• Application for License or Registration
• Application Requirements
• Renewal of Licenses and Registrations
• Fees
• Qualifying Education
• Experience
• Continuing Education
• Qualifying and Continuing Education Providers
• Civil Penalties
• Submission of Information
• Standards of Practice


Credit Hours: 2