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Who is the governing agency?

State of Delaware Department of Administrative Services
Division of Professional Regulation

Cannon Building,
Suite 203
861 Silver Lake Blvd.
Dover, DE 19904

(302) 744-4500
(302) 739-2711

Board of Electrical Examiners


What are the educational requirements for Low Voltage Licensing?

Continuing education is required of all electrical licensees and must be completed by June 30th of each even numbered year, otherwise, a license will expire on July 1st. (Extra CE’s do not carry over to the next licensing period.

Licensees must complete 10hrs of approved CE’s during each renewal period, 5hrs of which must be related to the National Electric Code. Exceptions include a professional licensed less than one year whom does not need to complete any CE’s at the first renewal, while a professional licensed one year, but less than two must complete and submit 5 CE’s at the first renewal.

Journeypersons and Apprentice Electricians must complete 5 hours of approved CE”s during each renewal period. However, if a professional is licensed less than one year, he/she need not complete any CE’s. A professional licensed one year, but less than two years, must complete 2 hours of CE’s towards their renewal.


Who is required to be licensed?

1.0 License Required

1.1 To perform “electrical services” or “electrical work” means to perform, maintain, troubleshoot or supervise any electrical work covered by the National Electrical Code (NEC) as adopted by the Delaware State Fire Prevention Commission which may include but is not limited to the installation, erection, or repair of any electrical conductor, molding, duct, raceway, conduit, machinery, apparatus, device, or fixture for the purpose of lighting, heating, or power in or on any structure or for elevators, swimming pools, hot tubs, electric signs, air conditioning, heating, refrigeration, oil burners, solar electrical work, generators, windmills and overhead and underground primary distribution systems.

1.2 A licensee under this chapter shall perform all electrical services or electrical work in accordance with the standards established in the National Electric Code (NEC) as adopted by the Delaware Fire Prevention Commission and in any applicable local building code. The version of the NEC applicable to a particular project is determined by the Delaware Fire Prevention Commission.

1.3 Every individual who receives a license with the exception of Journeypersons and Apprentice Electricians shall prominently display the words “Licensed Electrician” and the license number on the exterior of all vehicles used for work in not less than three inch letters and numbers. This section is satisfied by any abbreviation readily understood to mean “Licensed Electrician” such as “Lic. Elec.” along with the license number.

1.4 Solar Electrical Services means to install, erect, repair any electrical conductor, duct, conduit, or array which is used for grounding and bonding of the array or any part thereof, which generate, transmit, transform, disconnect, or utilize electrical energy in any form or for any purpose.

To review the full Administrative Code for Electrical Examiners please visit:  Board of Electrical Examiners


What are the educational requirements for Fire Protection System Installers?

The Office of the State Fire Marshal licenses all companies and individuals who design, install, test, inspect, and maintain fire protection systems (fire alarm, sprinkler, suppression, etc.) and fire extinguishers in the State of Delaware. The requirements include NICET certification and testing on the current Delaware State Fire Prevention Regulations. Office of the State Fire Marshal maintains a current list of all licensed companies and individuals.

What Elite CEU courses are approved for credit?

All Elite CEU license specific coursework is approved by NICET for the renewal of NICET Certifications. To update your NICET Certification, review our Fire Systems Category or Industry Code Category for applicable coursework. Remember, this is not a State specific Certification, and our coursework is approved across State lines. For up to date information and requirements for your Certification renewal, you can visit the NICET website here.

Electrical License Approved Courses:
Approval #  – Course Title Reviewed: September 15th, 2023

Overview of NEC Wiring Methods and Materials (1hr) – EEE-AC-091523-074948

2023 NEC Wiring Methods and Materials (2hrs) – EEE-AC-091523-074945

Overview of the NFPA 70E Electrical Safety in the Workplace (1hr) – EEE-AC-091523-074949

Electricity 101 (2hrs) – EEE-AC-091523-074947

OSHA Electrical Safety (2hrs) – EEE-AC-091523-074946

2020 NEC Wiring Methods and Materials (2hrs) – EEE-AC-091523-074944