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Per the New Jersey Fire Alarm, Burglar Alarm and Locksmith Advisory Committee, only 10 hours of online coursework per license is allowed for the 2025 renewal period.

As per the Fire Alarm, Burglar Alarm and Locksmith Advisory Committee Board, New Jersey Security Professionals are able to complete all of their 2022 renewal coursework online. This is applicable only to the 2022 renewal. Late coursework for this renewal can also be completed online as well.

Who is the governing agency?

The New Jersey Fire Alarm, Burglar Alarm, and Locksmith Advisory Committee

Here is a list of approved courses and providers.

Initial Applicants need to review the Rules and Regulations specific to their application:

Application for Alarm License

Application for Locksmith License

Application Process Overview


Initial Applicants will need to take and pass the State sponsored exam at PSI.


What are the educational requirements for security and low voltage licensees?

24 CE hours every renewal period (3 years).

— The holder of a single license must earn 24 total credits, a holder of two licenses must earn 38 total credits, and a holder of three licenses must earn 52 total credits during the triennial cycle. Only 10 hours of online coursework is allowed per license.–

Click on the link below:

New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs


*** Only 10 hours of continuing education per license can be taken online for the 2019 to 2022 renewal period. N.J.A.C. 13:31A-1.12*** (page 20)


Mandatory Courses:

1. New Jersey Barrier Free Subcode (2 hours) N.J.A.C. 5:23 – 7

2. New Jersey Uniform Construction Code (2 hours) N.J.A.C. 5:23, exclusive of the Barrier Free Subcode

3. Americans with Disabilities Act Code (2 hours) 36 CFR 1191

4. Industrial Safety (2 hours)

5. New Jersey Laws and Rules governing the provision of Burglar Alarm , Fire Alarm and Locksmithing Services (2 hours)


Mandatory Requirements for Continuing Education:

1. Continuing education shall not exceed eight (8) hours a day.

2. Each licensee must present his/her Fire Alarm, Burglar Alarm or Locksmith photo-ID. This can be emailed  directly to our office at

3. Message to Licensees: “Anyone misrepresenting themselves as a licensee may subject themselves and the licensee to suspension or revocation of his/her license. Such misrepresentation is considered professional or occupational misconduct under N.J.S.A 45:1-21(e).”


For any additional questions or concerns, please visit the States website:

NJ Consumer Affairs

Chapter 31A

*** If a licensee holds one Committee-issued license, he or she shall complete 14 credits in courses relevant to the scope of practice of the license held, for a total of 24 credits. If a licensee holds a Burglar Alarm License, three of the 14 credits shall be in courses that concern smoke detection systems. (Residential Fire Systems)***


What Elite CEU courses are approved for State credit?

Course numbers are in parenthesis

Mandatory Classes:

Common Sense Approach to OSHA Safety Procedures – 2hrs – (SAF-13(8)C005)
Intro to the Americans with Disabilities Act – 2hrs (L/C-13(8)C032)
Intro to the Barrier Free Subcode, NJAC 5:23-7 – 2hrs (L/C-13(8)C031)
Intro to the New Jersey State UCC, NJAC 5:23 – 2hrs (L/C-13(8)C033)
NJ Laws & Regulations: Fire Alarm, Burglar Alarm & Locksmith – 2 hrs (L/C-16(8)C097)
Burglar Alarm Classes: (34BA licenses only)

Advanced Burglar Alarms – 2hrs (TECBA-13(8)C006)
Burglar Alarm Basics – 2hrs (TECBA-13(8)C007)
Residential Fire Systems – 4hrs (TECRF-13(8)C044) – 3hr Smoke Detection requirement
Burglar Alarm Communications – 1hr (TECBA-13(8)C063)
Burglar Alarm Industry Statistics – 1hr (TECBA-13(8)C072)
Troubleshooting your System – 1hr (TECBA-13(8)C073)
Designing a Functional & Reliable Intrusion Alarm System – 1hr (TECBA-13(8)C051)
Proven Approaches to System Power Needs -1hr (TECBA(8)C098)
Practical Guide to Control Panels -1hr (TECBA(8)C099)
An Advanced Perspective of System Programming -1hr (TECBA(8)C100)
An Expert Approach to Commercial Interior Design -1hr (TECBA(8)C102
An Expert Approach to Commercial Perimeter Detection -1hr (TECBA(8)C103)
Output Device Proficiency – 1hr (TECBA(8)C105
Perimeter & Interior Detection – 2hrs (TECBA(8)C106)
Off Premises Reporting – 1hr (TECBA(8)C108)
Functions of an Alarm System – 1hr (TECBA(8)C110)
Best Practices in Troubleshooting Burglar Alarm Systems – 1hr (TECBA(8)C128)
Professional Customer Service for Alarm Technicians – 2hrs (TECBA(8)C129)
Intrusion Alarm Systems: Installation Techniques & Best Practices – 1hr (TECBA)
Video Forensics – 1hr (TECBA)
Perimeter & Interior Sensors – 1hr (TECBA-13(8)C071)


Fire Alarm Classes: (34FA licenses only)

Fundamentals of Fire Systems – 2hrs (TECFA-13(8)C016
Everything you Wanted to Know About Fire Alarms but Were Afraid to Ask – 2hrs (TECFA-13(8)C064)
Fire Sprinkler Systems – 1hr (TECFA-13(8)C065)
Initiating Devices – 1hr (TECFA-13(8)C067)
Notification Devices – 1hr (TECFA-13(8)069)
Inspect, Maintain & Test Fire Systems – 1hr (TECFA(8)C131)

System Initiating Devices – 2hrs (TECFA – (8)C133)
Inspection & Testing of Fire Alarm Systems – 1hr (TECFA)
Fire Alarm & Signaling Codes & Standards Review – 1hr (TECFA)
Types of Fire Alarm & Signaling Systems – 2hrs (TECFA)
Introduction to Fire Suppression – 1hr (Scope)
Special Hazard Fire Protection – Cylinders and Vessels – 1hr (Scope)
Special Hazard Fire Protection Fundamentals – 2hrs (Scope)
Special Hazard Fire Protection – NFPA Codes and Standards – 1hr (Scope)
Special Hazard Fire Protection – Combustion Principle – 1hr (Scope)
Special Hazard Fire Protection – Extinguishing Agents – 2hrs (Scope)

Locksmith Classes: (34LS licenses only)

Automotive Key Generation – Ford Series – 2hrs (TECLD13(8)-C043)
Automotive Key Generation – GM Vehicles Part 1 through 8 – 1hr each (TECLD-13(8)C045)
Panic & Exit Hardware Solutions – 2hrs (TECLD-13(8)C030)
Aluminum Stile Door Service & Repair Series (Part 1) – 2hrs (TECLD-13(8)C017)
Aluminum Stile Door Service & Repair Series (Part 2) – 2hrs (TECLD-13(8)C018)
Aluminum Stile Door Service & Repair Series (Part 3) – 2hrs (TECLD-13(8)C019)
Aluminum Stile Door Service & Repair Series (Part 4) – 2hrs (TECLD-13(8)C020)
Guide to Wafer Lock Reading – 1hr (TECLD-13(8)C028)
Interchangeable Core – 3hrs (TECLD-13(8)C036)
Key Bumping – 1hr (TECLD-13(8)C029)
Matrix Master Keying – 7hrs (TECLD-13(8)C038)
Standard Key Coding Systems – 3hrs (TECLD-13(8)C037)
Standard Progression Format – Basic Master Keying – 12hrs (TECLD-13(8)C039)
Fifteen Minute Safe Opening Technique – 2hrs (TECLD-13(8)C027)
Tips & Tricks for Automotive Locksmithing Part 1 – 1hr (TECLD-13(8)C021)
Tips & Tricks for Automotive Locksmithing Part 2 – 1hr (TECLD-13(8)C022)
Tips & Tricks for Automotive Locksmithing Part 3 – 1hr (TECLD-13(8)C023)
Tips & Tricks for Automotive Locksmithing Part 4 – 1hr (TECLD-13(8)C024)
Tips & Tricks for Automotive Locksmithing Part 5 – 1hr (TECLD-13(8)C025)
Inside Kwikset Smartkey – 1hr (TECLD-13(8)C077)
Inside Schlage Securekey – 1hr (TECLD-13(8)C075)
Bypassing Kwickset Smartkey – 1hr (TECLD-13(8)C076)
Bypassing Schlage Securekey – 1hr (TECLD-13(8)C074)
Door Hardware Basics – 1hr (TECLD(8)C124)
Door Hardware Troubleshooting – 1hr (TECLD(8)C125)
Installing & Servicing Commercial Locks – 1hr (TECLD(8)C126)
Installing & Servicing Door Closers – 1hr (TECLD(8)C127)
Installing & Servicing Exit Devices – 1hr (TECLD)
Introduction to Locksmithing – 2hr (TECLD-13(8)C026)

Business Classes: (applicable to all licenses)

Written & Verbal Communication Skills – 2hrs (BUS-13(8)C002)
Ethics for the Security Industry – 2hrs (BUS-13(8)C004)
Time Management – 2hrs (BUS-13(8)C003)
Client Relations – 1hr (BUS-13(8)C061)
Commercial Fire Alarm Sales – 2hrs (BUS-13(8)C062
Burglar Alarm Industry Research – 1hr (BUS-13(8)C066)
How to Manage Your Company – 1hr (BUS-13(8)C068)
10 Tips to Becoming a Successful Locksmith – 1hr (BUS-13(8)C048)
Understanding & Applying Security Concepts – 2hrs (BUS(8)C115)
Sales Processes for Security Professionals – 1hr (BUS(8)C116)
An Advanced Perspective of Residential Application & Layout – 1hr (BUS(8)C112)
An Advanced Perspective of Commercial Application & Layout – 1hr (BUS(8)C113)
Security System Sales Coordination: Internal & External – 1hr (BUS)
How to Sell Today’s Wireless Security Technology – 1hr (BUS)
Security System Fundamentals for Sales Professionals – 2hrs (BUS)


Life Codes / Safety: (applicable to all licenses)

Overview of the Life Safety Codes-Module 1 – 3hrs (L/C-ELI001-C001)
Overview of the Life Safety Codes-Module 2 – 3hrs (L/C-ELI001-C002)
On the Job Safety – 1hr (SAF-13(8)C049)
Detection Devices in Specialized Applications – 1hr (L/C(8)C104)
Applications of Electrical Theory for Alarm Professionals – 1hr (L/C(8)C111)
Fundamentals of Documentation, Inspecting & Testing – 1hr (L/C(8)C114)
2014 NEC Wiring Methods & Materials – 2hrs (L/C(8)C121)
Overview of NFPA 70E Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace – 1hr (SAF(8)C122)


Electrical Security: (applicable to all licenses)

Access Control for Beginners – 4hrs (TECES-13(8)C035
Introduction to Access Control – 2hrs (TECES-13(8)C012)
CCTV-Basic Design – 2hrs (TECES-13(8)C009)
CCTV-Site Survey – 2hrs (TECES-13(8)C042)
Electricity 101 – 2hrs (TECES-13(8)C015)
Guide to CCTV Lighting – 2hrs (TECES-13(8)C040)
Power Over Ethernet – 2hrs (TECES-13(8)C041)
Selecting the Right Camera and Lens – 2hrs (TECES-13(8)C013)
Structured Cabling – 2hrs (TECES-13(8)C010)
Understanding Digital Video Recorders – 2hrs (TECES-13(8)C011)
False Alarm Reduction 101 – 1hr (TECES-13(8)C046)
Powering Your System – 1hr (TECES-13(8)C070)
Troubleshooting a CCTV System – 1hr (TECES-16(8)C096
CCTV Testing Procedures – 1hr (TECES-16(8)C095
Designing A Video Surveillance System – 1hr (TECES-16(8)C094)
Lighting: Surveillance Systems – 1hr (TECES-16(8)C093)
Site Survey: Meeting a Client’s CCTV Needs – 1hr (TECES-16(8)C092)
Powering a Surveillance Systems – 1hr (TECES-16(8)C091)
CCTV Recording Devices – 2hrs (TECES-16(8)C090)
Monitors for CCTV Systems – 1hr (TECES-16(8)C089)
Simple Networking for CCTV Systems – 1hr (TECES-16(8)C088)
Auxiliary for CCTV Components – 1hr (TECES-16(8)C087)
CCTV Lenses – 1hr (TECES-16(8)C086)
CCTV Camera Types -1hr (TECES-16(8)C085)
SWGIT/FBI Guidelines for CCTV Cameras – 2hrs (TECES-16(8)C084)
Transmission Methods for VSS/CCTV – 1hr (TECES-16(8)C083)
IP Survival Kit – 2hrs (TECES(8)C101)
Output Devices – 1hr (TECES(8)C107
Fundamentals of Access Control – 1hr (TECES(8)C109)
Overview of Alarm Basics – 1hr (TECES(8)C117)
Z-Wave Wireless Basics – 1hr (TECES(8)C118)
Z-Wave Wireless Implementation – 1hr (TECES(8)C119)
Tools & Techniques for Low Voltage Installations – 2hrs (TECES(8)C120)
Overview of NEC Wiring Methods – 1hr (TECES(8)C123)

2020 NEC Wiring Methods and Materials – 1hr (TES)

IP Series Part 1 – Intro. to IP Networking for Physical Security – 1hr – (TECES-13(8)C057)
IP Series Part 2 – IP Addressing for LANS & The Internet – 1hr (TECES-13(8)C058)
IP Series Part 3 – Wired & Wireless Connections – 1hr (TECES-13(8)C059)
IP Series Part 4 – Internet Connections for Physical Security Devices – 1hr (TECES-13(8)C079)
IP Series Part 5 – Router Functions & Programming Options for the Security Device IP Communication – 1hr (TECES-13(8)C078)
IP Series Part 6 – Network Switches & Physical Security Devices – 1hr (TECES-13(8)C080)
IP Series Part 7 – Performing Common LAN & Network Testing Tools – 1hr (TECES-13(8)C082)
IP Series Part 8 – Network Testing & Cable Troubleshooting – 1hr (TECES-13(8)C081)


All Elite CEU license specific coursework is approved by NICET for the renewal of NICET Certifications. To update your NICET Certification, review our Fire Systems Category or Industry Code Category for applicable coursework. Remember, this is not a State specific Certification, and our coursework is approved across State lines. For up to date information and requirements for your Certification renewal, you can visit the NICET website here.

All Elite CEU Inc. courses and Certifications are also available for General Education