Interactive Map: Nebraska

Who is the governing agency?

NSED Nebraska Electrical Division

1220 Lincoln Mall, Suite 125
Lincoln, NE 68508

(402) 471-3550


Nebraska State Fire Marshal’s Office
246 South 14th Street
Lincoln, NE 68508-1804


What are the initial  requirements of the State?

Please review the States applications for the initial requirements of individual Electrical licenses.

Fire Alarm Licenses: In accordance with pdf icon  Title 153, Chapter 6, individuals must be licensed to inspect fire alarm systems in the State of Nebraska. The license is valid for four years and costs $100. A license may be obtained by either passing a test or, if NICET certified Level II or above, sending us a copy of your NICET certificate along with the pro-rated fee of $25 per year of the certification. Example: If your NICET certification expires April 1, 2013 and you are applying for the license in March 2010, the fee would be $75. The certificate will be returned with your license.

An applicant for a fire alarm installer license shall: Have at least two years experience, acceptable to the board in planning, laying out, and installing fire alarm systems.

FA Examination Fee / $60.00

FA License Fee – The fee for a license issued in:

  • Even numbered year – $25.00
  • Odd numbered year – $50.00


What are the requirements for licensing renewal of the State?

All electrical licenses and apprentice registrations issued by the State Electrical Board expire on December 31 of even numbered years.

In order to renew any license, the holder must provide a certificate for proof of attendance of at least 12-hours of continuing education approved by the State Electrical Board, with at least six of those hours on the National Electrical Code. These hours are not required to renew an apprentice registration.

All holders of licenses expired for more than three months shall apply for a new license.

What Elite CEU courses are approved by the State?

Elite CEU courses are not approved for State required CEs.

All Elite CEU license specific coursework is approved by NICET for the renewal of NICET Certifications. To update your NICET Certification, review our Fire Systems Category or Industry Code Category for applicable coursework. Remember, this is not a State specific Certification, and our coursework is approved across State lines. For up to date information and requirements for your Certification renewal, you can visit the NICET website here.

All Elite CEU Inc. courses and Certifications are available for General Education.