Interactive Map: New Hampshire

Who is the governing agency?

Office of Professional Licensure and Certification
Electricians Board
121 South Fruit Street |  Concord, NH 03301
Main Telephone: (603) 271-2152

What are the initial requirements of the State?

There are no State laws requiring licensing of alarm businesses in New Hampshire. Some municipalities, however, do have their own licensing and/or registration requirements. Find out what is required in your community by talking with your local police and fire department.

The Electrican’s Board licenses or registers those who are performing electrical installations, as defined in RSA 319-C:2,III, for heat, light and power purposes regardless of the voltage. Therefore, it is not the voltage of the circuit that determines the requirements of licensure, it is the type of circuit. For example, no license is currently required for fire alarm installations as these are signaling circuits. Signaling circuits by definition are not considered circuits for heat, light or power purposes.

Initial licensing requirements are listed on the States website by license. Apprenticeship requirements are listed on the States website.

There is no State Level Locksmith License required.

The voluntary certification of Fire Protection Equipment Technicians was signed into law on May 24, 2004 and went into effect on January 1, 2005. Rules have been developed for the implementation of the program. These rules identify the training and testing curriculum used to determine the minimum qualifications for certification.

Portable Fire Extinguishers
Fixed Fire Extinguishing Systems
Automatic Fire Sprinkler Systems
Fire Alarm Systems

What are the continuing educational requirements of the State?

Master and Journeyman Electricians must complete a 15 hour update course on the 2017 National Electrical Code during the year 2017. Your provider must be approved by the NH Electricians’ Board.  All master and journeyman licenses without verification of the 2017 NEC by January 2018 with be invalid until proof of the course is received. Invalid licenses will be treated the same as a lapsed license and subject to the applicable laws for performing electrical installations without being licensed.

Electricians with birth months of February, May, August and November will be renewing in the calendar year 2018. Electricians with birth months of January, April, July and October will be renewing in the calendar year 2019. Electricians with birth months of March, June, September and December will be renewing in the calendar year 2017.

Apprentices and High Medium Voltage Trainees renew yearly.

Apprentices renew a year from the issue date on the last day of the month and are required to have electrical schooling each year to renew.

Trainees renew on the last day of their birth month.

There is no State Level Locksmith License required.

All Elite CEU license specific coursework is approved by NICET for the renewal of NICET Certifications. To update your NICET Certification, review our Fire Systems Category or Industry Code Category for applicable coursework. Remember, this is not a State specific Certification, and our coursework is approved across State lines. For up to date information and requirements for your Certification renewal, you can visit the NICET website here.


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